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Top 3 Dangers In The Construction Industry

Posted in Blog on January 2, 2014 | by admin

Everyone knows construction is a dangerous industry, but just where do most of the dangers lie? Here are a few of the most dangerous aspects of the industry and details about how the bulk of construction injuries occur: 1. Electrical Injuries Construction sites often have live wires exposed as the electricity work is done for Read more

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The Necessary Qualities Of Expert General Contractors In Palm Beach

Posted in Blog on December 24, 2013 | by admin

For any new construction, it is a smart idea to hire high-quality general contractors to help get the work done on time, to make sure all the pieces of the project come together smoothly, and it’s that completed within budget. There are certain qualities to look for when selecting a general contractor, and this article Read more

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Enjoying The Beauty And Amenities Of Luxury Real Estate In Miami

Posted in Blog on December 17, 2013 | by admin

What is it, exactly, that makes a home into a luxury home? The definition can be hard to pinpoint, because it’s really about attaining a level of comfort and beauty, and a lot of things contribute. Certainly opulence in design is a big part of it, but so is the grandness of the architecture. VCM Read more

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What Does It Take To Be A Project Manager?

Posted in Blog on December 13, 2013 | by admin

One of the hottest jobs in construction, a project manager (PM) is the go-to guy (or girl) on any building site. He or she is the person that oversees every major decision and makes sure the job stays on schedule.  As a result, the PM is also where the proverbial buck stops; they alone are Read more

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Quality Custom Home Renovations In Fort Lauderdale Can Add To A Home’s Value

Posted in Blog on December 10, 2013 | by admin

Custom home renovations have the potential to add value to the home if they are done right and with expert care. Certain types of renovations are more likely to be seen as a positive addition than others, and more so when they are done with a professional level of quality. VCM Construction in Fort Lauderdale Read more

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3 Reasons To Hire A Construction Management Team

Posted in Blog on December 6, 2013 | by admin

Why is it so difficult to get construction projects completed on time and on budget? One reason is that there are so many different parties involved, each of whom have their own objectives. In order to get everyone on the same page and keep them there, it is important to set a timeline and stick Read more

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Common Kinds Of Custom Home Additions In Las Olas

Posted in Blog on December 3, 2013 | by admin

Every homeowner’s needs and preferences are different, and home additions are made for a variety of reasons. An addition can be anything from a sunroom to another bedroom or an entire new wing of the house. Experts At Custom Real-Estate Development In Las Olas Whatever sort of custom home additions you’re looking to make to Read more

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A Few Popular Features Of Luxury Homes In Boca Raton

Posted in Blog on November 19, 2013 | by admin

Boca Raton offers some of the most luxurious residential communities in South Florida, along with plenty of sunshine and warm weather. It’s the perfect place to build a dream house and enjoy the finer things in life. New Construction VCM Construction provides high-quality construction management and general contracting services for residential and commercial property in Read more

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Custom Home Building in 5 Easy Steps

Posted in Blog on November 14, 2013 | by admin

Although  more expensive than pre-owned and new homes, custom-built abodes can be designed to your exact specifications. As you might imagine, the process requires a lot of patience and planning.  Here’s how to start. Step one: Deciding how big it should be How big is your brood? How many rooms will you need? Do you Read more

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High-Quality Commercial Real Estate Is Making An Impact In Fort Lauderdale

Posted in Blog on November 12, 2013 | by admin

Any company looking to build commercial real estate can benefit from the use of general contractors. There are many intricate pieces that need to be coordinated perfectly into the construction of a building, and the contractor can help bring those pieces together seamlessly. General Contractors Are An Essential Component Of A Construction Project VCM Construction Read more

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