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South Florida Developer Trends in 2015

South Florida Developer Over recent years, South Florida has become a shining jewel for affluent buyers and those looking to settle down in a place that has it all. The relaxing lifestyle, the beautiful weather, the rhythmic nightlife, South Florida truly has something for everyone. In 2015, we’re seeing some amazing new trends coming to light, specifically within the Fort Lauderdale custom homes market. This market in South Florida is setting the new trends for South Florida homes, and we at VCM Builders are ahead of the curve as always. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends for 2015.  

3 Major Real Estate Trends in 2015

While custom homes have always been popular, our teams at VCM Builders have been seeing more designs and construction contracts than ever before. Clients enjoy the ability to create home that is a reflection of themselves, and today’s affluent buyers have sophisticated tastes that they want to see reflected in their home. We are extremely passionate about bringing these types of homes to life. In many cases, we’ve been seeing three distinct trends emerging from this market: 1. Shower Rooms This option has been extremely popular among Europeans, as far back as ancient civilization in fact. We’ve seen plenty of incredible custom bathrooms, but this new trend creates a dedicated shower room with luxurious shower heads or Japanese style waterfalls. These rooms offer a serene place to shower and are easy to clean as well. 2. Green Energy Solutions With a growing focus on the environment and on the prevention of further global warming, clients have begun looking for green energy solutions to incorporate into their homes as a way of doing their part. Things like solar panels, green lighting, and renewable materials included in the designs all work toward this goal. 3. Integrated Smart Technology As technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace, homes are now incorporating more and more options into their designs to not only take advantage of current technologies, but also prepare for future ones. Today, homeowners can enjoy the benefit of being able to open garages, adjust blinds, or modify temperatures, and more with smartphone. Having a home pre-wired for these kinds of things will save you both time and money when you want to install new technology like mounted screens, or entertainment systems.  

Final Thoughts

Here are VCM Builders, we are obsessively passionate with designing and constructing the finest luxury homes that South Florida has to offer. That is why we have featured these Fort Lauderdale Custom Homes trends that have been emerging in 2015. As we continue to move forward with our continued expansion and construction in South Florida, we will always keep the latest trends in mind. Among all of the South Florida developers, we have established our reputation as the best through quality, and an ever-present knowledge of today’s trends. Thank you for reading, and when it comes time to purchase or design a luxury home of your own, choose VCM Builders for all of your needs.  
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