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Renovations & Additions Made Easy

Most homeowners make minor, even major changes to their abodes over time. They might add a room or two or renovate the master bathroom or kitchen. The good news is that these improvements often add value to your home. The bad news is that they aren't always as easy as they might seem.  Use these simple tips to avoid common complications when upgrading your home.

Review your property

Before you build or renovate anything, you must gather information about your property. You will want to know about topography, property lines, building footprints, and any utilities. This information is needed to apply for a building permit. The easiest way to acquire it is to hire a professional land surveyor to complete an existing conditions site plan or site survey for you.

Obtain existing building drawings

Whether dimensioned or scaled floor plans, you will need copies of your building drawings before you can begin an addition or renovation project.  If you don't have them on hand, check with your local building department. You can also ask the architect who designed your home to send them to you.

Get a structural assessment

When putting on an addition, you must have a structural engineer certify that your home has the existing load capacity to support new construction.
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