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Luxury Home South Florida Developer

South Florida Developer Over the years, VCM Builders has become the premier South Florida developer for luxury real estate. We have achieved this status through hard work, dedication, and a passion for what we do. As developers, we perform a wide range of tasks to acquire land, plan homes, and bring them to life. Everything we do affects the landscape and the skyline of South Florida, which is why every decision we make also carries a significant amount of weight. We look out onto the South Florida skyline, and at the continuing projects that fulfill our portfolio with a sense of awe and pride. Today we’ll look at the responsibilities of a real estate developer, and at some of the upcoming projects from VCM Builders.  

The Role and Responsibilities of a Real Estate Developer

Our role at VCM Builders encompasses everything from purchasing the land, to planning the home, overseeing the construction, and finally selling the finished luxury home. If luxury real estate was an orchestra, we would be the conductor who oversees the entire performance. What makes VCM Builders unique is our self-contained network of professionals that allows us to perform every aspect of the process in-house. We are able to streamline our projects this way, and involve our clients throughout the process to ensure that everything happens on schedule. This also results in a consistent quality that became the foundation for our stellar reputation in South Florida. Our residential services span from luxury homes to condominiums. We have helped bring some of the most stunning and notable residences to life across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Whether it’s a sprawling custom designed oceanfront villa, a multifamily residence, or an entire condominium high-rise, we take pride in every project we undertake and proudly stand by them when they are completed.  

Upcoming Projects for VCM Builders

At VCM Builders, we never rest on our laurels. We are always driving the South Florida real estate market forward with new and exciting projects. One such example is the upcoming beach house properties entitled BH4. Land clearing and site preparation has begun as we prepare to undertake this massive project. When completed, this project will result in four unique single-family homes with four bedrooms, two-car garages, and a swimming pool. The location on Barrier Island west of A1A and east of the Intracoastal is perfect for both quality of living, and for great schools. When completed, these homes will sell for just over $1 million per property. Meanwhile, we’ve also just poured the slab and foundation for a Seven Isles custom home. 130 plus yards of concrete have been laid, and the customer is very excited to see their dream coming to life. We never let rain or poor weather get in the way either. We were out making up for lost time on Saturday one week to ensure that everything stays on track. What we do is a combination of passion and expertise, both of which we have in abundance. We continue to be the premier South Florida developer as a result of our ongoing commitment to excellence.
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