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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate: A Magnet For Affluent Buyers

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Affluent buyers will know the big cities to visit when it comes to perusing and purchasing luxury homes. These cities have always been places like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco. Now that the Fort Lauderdale real estate market has evolved and made itself known to the world, it has earned a place on this hallowed list. While this city has always been a place known for its wide variety of tourist attractions, local shopping, and incredible beaches, the surge of new luxury homes from VCM Builders has contributed towards making Ft. Lauderdale a go-to destination for affluent buyers looking for only the finest that modern luxury real estate has to offer.  

The Luxury Real Estate Market in Ft. Lauderdale

For those who haven’t visited this remarkable city, the idea that it would suddenly be a member of the luxury elite could seem odd. For those who have seen or heard of what it has to offer, Fort Lauderdale, nicknamed “The Venice of America” has always been poised to become a hotspot, it just needed the presence of high-end luxury living options to get it there. After opening a new office on Las Olas Boulevard, VCM Builders has been contributing incredible condominium projects and single-family homes to the Fort Lauderdale skyline. These newly finished and furnished projects have bolstered the city’s evolution, working in tandem with new advancements in transportation that have “shortened” the distance between Miami and this iconic city. A report completed by Omniture Discover in January of 2015 showed that Ft. Lauderdale was the fifth-most searched for city in the U.S. by international customers. Since much of the luxury real estate market is fueled by international interests, this is a huge boon and a sign of success for the city. Previously, Miami was the crown jewel of South Florida, but as always, our influence at VCM Builders has brought yet another shining gem to light. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, international business opportunities, and an international airport, the city has everything one could need or want. Combine this with the unique dining and shopping on Las Olas Boulevard, and you have a place fit for the select few the affluent buyers of the world. In 2015, Fort Lauderdale has seen over 100 completed sales of homes and condos priced at or above $1.3 million. The average price hovers just over the $2 million dollar range according to reports from The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.  

A Wide Range of Options For Affluent Buyers

The city of Fort Lauderdale offers a vast range of options for buyers. Everything from high-rise condominiums, to sprawling waterfront estates are on offer courtesy of VCM Builders. Buyers with high net-worth will find an incredible offering of options. Not only will all of your wants and need be fulfilled, but you’ll also be within proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The single-family home market has seen an increase of 8 percent since last year, and the condominium market has seen a 10 percent increase as well. The divide between the original sales price and the final price has closed immensely as well, which shows a strong foundation and stability to the market as a whole for both buyers and sellers. The strong market combined with the range of options represents the main reasons why Fort Lauderdale is rising to the top of the luxury real estate market. As previously stated, VCM Builders has positioned ourselves in the heart of the city to ensure that we have an ear to the racing pulse of this growing place.  

Who Are We? The VCM Builders Story

We have a passion for South Florida that cannot be matched. That’s because our company is headed by two locals: Alan S. Macken and Andrew K. Verzura. Combined, they bring years of real estate and construction experience to the table. When we saw Ft. Lauderdale, we knew that an evolution was coming, and we knew that affluent buyers would be drawn to its undeniable beauty and location. All it needed was luxury homes and condominiums to compliment the skyline. So, we went to work as we always do, finding the best places to build, and bringing all of the latest trends and technology with us as we crafted luxury living that commands million dollar and up sales. We have spent our lives in South Florida, bringing its potential to the attention of international affluent buyers around the world. Now it’s your turn to discover the incredible luxury of Fort Lauderdale real estate. Once you’ve set foot in this amazing city, you won’t want to leave. Affluent buyers, look no further, you’ve come to the greatest place on Earth.
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