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Fort Lauderdale Custom Home or High-End Condo?

Fort Lauderdale Custom Home or High-End Condo? A simple visit to the incredible city of Ft. Lauderdale is enough to convince you to stay. The next question is whether you should look for a Fort Lauderdale custom home option, or a high-end condo? As with anything, there are pros and cons to both sides, but the differences go far beyond space and the presence of a yard or not. There are many other factors that will fuel this decision. Today we’ll look at both options and ultimately show you which of the two is better for the long-term. We’ll also show you why VCM Builders is the one and only choice for your needs.  

Factors That Will Affect Your Decision

We’ll begin our examination of this debate by looking at several factors that will influence your ultimate decision. Let’s take a look:  
  1. Your Lifestyle
This decision is not one to be made lightly. After all, your home is a direct reflection of you, and the way you live. It should complement every aspect of your life and empower you to live the way you want. If you’re someone who enjoys lots of space and privacy, then a condo may not be the best choice for you. Likewise, if you consider yourself someone who appreciates the outdoors and spectacular views, a condo wouldn’t have the space or location to satisfy these needs. Condos are a smart decision for a short-term home solution. If you are someone who is staying for the summer, then perhaps a condo would be the right decision in this regard. For the long-term lifestyle, a custom home is the better choice here.
  1. Your Vision
We all have our own image of the perfect home. While condos do offer the ability to customize and renovate, these things can only be done with permission from the building owner, especially if they are changes to the exterior. In addition the Homeowner's Association typically has strict rules for condos that will limit your ability to express yourself and your vision for the perfect home. All of these factors will force you to change or even abandon your plans to live in a dream home. When looking at the price of a high-end condo, there should be no cause for you to compromise. Today’s affluent buyers know what they want, and nothing should stand in the way of them realizing that vision. Unfortunately, the small space and additional ownership of condominiums result in numerous obstacles between you and the home you want.
  1. Long-Term Value
As part of a larger community, living in a condo leaves you with little to no control over the value of your home. If you decide to sell your condo, you are at the mercy of the current value based on those around you. Other renters within the same complex can drastically alter the overall value of your own condo. This is simply not the case with a custom home. The value of your investment is rooted in the quality and luxury that you define for your space. In addition, you are also in possession of a home that is entirely unique from any others. This alone adds value to your investment in a way that a condo never could. The ability to choose where your home is located, and what amenities are included also act as a boon to the ultimate value it possesses. Placement in a high-end luxury area, possibly on the crisp waters of the ocean immediately adds an incredible amount of worth.

Custom Homes from VCM Builders

The benefits of a custom home are clear:
  •            Freedom to choose where you live
  •            A fully customized layout and design that fits your lifestyle
  •            An investment with long-term value and worth
  •            A long-term solution
Your Fort Lauderdale custom home should be designed, constructed, and furnished by VCM Builders. As the premiere custom home builders in Ft. Lauderdale, our homes consistently command multi-million dollar price tags and represent the finest in luxury and modern architecture. We have constructed everything from waterfront villas, to cutting-edge estates, and more. From the beginning, we listen to your vision and we mold that dream with our own knowledge of contemporary designs and technology. Together we draft the designs and create a clear vision of your dream home. From there, our teams bring the project to life. We maintain our schedule, always finishing on time and on budget. Our reputation is evident in the works we’ve already completed over the years in our extensive portfolio. We focus on quality, always reaching for perfection with every project we take on. Our clients return to us time and time again because of this. In the end, a custom home will provide you with more value, it will better suit your lifestyle, and it will allow you to have the home of your dreams without any compromising. We here at VCM Builders believe that’s how it should be. We don’t ask you to compromise your vision, instead we task ourselves with making it a reality.
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