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Fort Lauderdale Custom Home Builders

South Florida is a shining example of how modern luxury and unique architecture combine to create perfect skyline views and sprawling homes that are unmatched in their curb appeal and design. The unique nature of these estates is due to the variety of custom homes in Fort Lauderdale. Envisioning the perfect home is a simple task, but finding the perfect home builder can be more difficult. It doesn’t have to be anymore because VCM Builders is now extending our services to this great city. As we continue to expand and build upon the already solid foundation in place, the city’s economy, architecture, and luxury will skyrocket to new levels.  

A Brief History & Overview of the City

Ft. Lauderdale is a city located on the Atlantic Coast in beautiful South Florida. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, and an average temperature of 75.5 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s an incredibly popular tourist destination as well. The city itself is named after a number of forts built during the Second Seminole War. The forts themselves were named after Major William Lauderdale, and his younger brother James. Three forts took this name, but the city itself wasn’t built until 50 years after the locations were abandoned. The main attraction in the city is the renowned arts and entertainment district, also known as the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District. Las Olas Boulevard remains a hub for tourists and locals alike. This stretch of nightlife, bars, restaurants, and more runs from the beach to the beating heart of downtown. Since becoming an integral part of this city’s lifestyle and luxury, we have also become experts in every facet of the city’s functions; from real estate values, to prime locations, to local politics and more. For example, we recently shared an article on our official Facebook page about the city’s mayor being re-elected for a third term. Mayor Jack Seiler has been an integral part of Ft. Lauderdale’s development into a bustling city with a high quality of life and a strong economy. As you can see, this city is a prime example of South Florida’s ability to provide luxury, culture, and a high quality of life. Read on to find out how VCM Builders can bring your dream home to life.  

The Responsibilities and Goals of Luxury Custom Home Builders

Our portfolio of custom homes reflects the power we wield in bringing your vision to life. Our projects span across thousands of square feet of waterfront and sprawling real estate. Each completed project represents millions of dollars in value and the latest in architecture and design trends. Our abilities at VCM Builders are all-encompassing. From planning, to research, to blueprints and construction, we bring forth every aspect of your vision in perfect form. Projects are completed on time and within budget. This has gifted us with a stellar reputation and a vast number of satisfied clients. The title of “South Florida’s Premier Custom Home Builders” didn’t come to us overnight. It came from consistent results and unrelenting quality. Throughout the process, we remain engaged with our clients and guide them through every step of the way from planning to the final walk-through. The ideal firm for building your custom home should be experienced and able to follow through with outstanding results. This experience should be evident in everything they’ve done and all the projects they continue to work on. In addition, they should fulfill multiple roles, and have a strong understanding of the market in your location. When planning your custom home, VCM Builders is the ultimate choice that meets and exceeds all of these requirements. Consider some of these facts about our firm:
  •      The two heads of our firm, Alan S. Macken and Andrew K. Verzura, collectively possess almost fifty years of combined experience in a variety of real estate industries such as residential, multifamily, commercial, and custom luxury real estate.
  •      As South Florida locals ourselves, we have a vested interest and passion for growing and developing the cities we are a part of.
  •      We fulfill all possible roles when building custom homes: developers, builders, and construction managers.
  •      We have strong bonds in Fort Lauderdale; with the politics, and with the major aspects of its real estate, government, and economy.
  •      We encourage and empower our teams to seek out ways in which they can exceed client expectations and lower costs where possible without sacrificing on quality.
  •      We have a vast network of professionals, planners, and constructors who have been with VCM Builders for years and continue to help us grow cities like Ft. Lauderdale now and into the future.
As South Florida’s premier building and construction firm, we possess the skills, talent, and experience to provide you with the finest custom home that brings your dreams to life. Visit our profile today to see examples of our past projects.
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