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Custom Home Builders Build on Your Terms

Custom Home Builders Build on Your Terms Possibly the greatest aspect of today’s luxury homes is the sheer variety that exists from one home to another. This incredible diversity in both architecture and layout is thanks to custom home builders like VCM Builders who have been cultivating the luxury home market in South Florida with a wide range of incredible and unique custom homes. Between our masterful skills and experience, and your vision for a luxury home that is unique from all others, we will work together to bring that vision to life in a way that no other firm can accomplish. Let’s take a look at some current custom home trends to help inspire your imagination.  

Emerging Trends in the Custom Homes Market

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources, but today we’ll show you some of the emerging trends and concepts that more and more of our clients are requesting in their homes. Even if they are unaware, we keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest trends so that our suggestions complement your vision and future-proof your home. Let’s take a look at some of these growing trends:  
  1. Open Floor Plans
Arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a custom home buyer, is the layout of your luxury estate. The floor plan outlines how each room will flow into one another, and how the house is structured. Have you ever visited two homes of equal square footage, and noticed that one looks bigger than the other? This is a result of something called sightlines that are becoming a larger focus in today’s floor plans. In the field of architecture sight lines are what you see when standing at any given point in the home. The longer the sightlines, the larger the home feels. If these lines are blocked by walls or door, it can make the home feel smaller. Affluent buyers are taking these things into more consideration than ever before, especially where the sight lines end. Will you be looking out into a wall, or will you look out of a sliding glass door onto a pristine beach? An easy way to check a home’s sightlines is to use a ruler and a printed copy of the floor plan. Lay the ruler down at a doorway or specific point and use it to draw straight lines in varying directions to determine the sight lines in that area. One major home design trend that has arisen as a part of this, is open kitchens that have front-row seats for guests or family members to observe meals being made by the talented chef. This growing trend of open floor plans has also led to the elimination of hallways to transition from one room to another. Most commonly, other rooms are place in the pathway to offer a more stark transition in both the pattern of your movement and the scenery around you. Placing staircases at the back of the house instead of the front to save space is another smart layout decision. Finally, many custom home buyers are looking for kitchens with multiple entrances, since it is one of the most used rooms in the home and the most common place to visit during parties or celebrations.  
  1. Future-Proof Homes
Affluent buyers will know that technology is moving at a breakneck pace. Amenities and devices that were thought to be impossible five years ago are now commonplace. Who would have thought that a custom home could have everything from climate control, to security, to lighting, all controlled entirely from a smartphone? Or what about a 90-inch 4K ultra high definition television mounted on your living room wall? With all of this here now and plenty more innovations coming in the future, how do you build a custom home that can adapt and take advantage of these growing technologies? This is the question on my homeowner’s minds as they plan their custom homes. One way to do is by building the home with pre-wired conduits and wiring. Incorporating this as the home is being built will ensure that you won’t need to install an infrastructure like this for data and power later on. While some people may believe that the presence of wireless technology removes the need for wiring, experts tend to disagree. Wireless technology is good, but it cannot keep up with today’s video and audio capabilities. Wires will be needed, and having them included as part of the home’s plan will serve as the best way to future-proof the premises for emerging technology. David Pedigo, Senior Director of Learning and Emerging Technology for CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association) weighed in saying: “I’ve never had anyone say, ‘Man, I just put too many wires in this house.’ We’re starting to get to the point where builders, architects, and interior designers understand that it does take proper planning and consideration. If you’re going to incorporate a digital experience, do it at the front.”  

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With your vision clear in your mind, we are ready to serve as your custom home builders. At VCM Builders, we are always at the forefront of the latest trends. We can take your vision, and make it a reality.
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