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Common Kinds Of Custom Home Additions In Las Olas

Every homeowner’s needs and preferences are different, and home additions are made for a variety of reasons. An addition can be anything from a sunroom to another bedroom or an entire new wing of the house.

Experts At Custom Real-Estate Development In Las Olas

Whatever sort of custom home additions you’re looking to make to your house, trust VCM Construction to get it done. We are experts at custom real-estate development in Las Olas and the surrounding areas, so Call Us At 305-760-5018 Today! Here are some common examples of home additions:

1) Room Addition

Sometimes, there is a need for another room. Maybe the family has grown, or maybe income has increased over time. It might be a new bedroom, an extra bathroom or a family room. In some cases, more than one room is added, such as a new master bedroom with an attached bathroom. This is a fairly elaborate and complicated construction because the new room must complement the rest of the house. It’s almost like building a whole new house as it requires wiring, plumbing and HVAC.

2) Sunroom

Sunrooms are not for everyone. Because of all the aluminum and glass, they could be either too hot or too cold so they don’t always get a lot of use. However, sunrooms have changed over the years and gotten more elaborate, sturdier and more structurally sound.

3) Converted Garage

Some people just don’t use their garages for anything other than storing boxes or junk, so it can be tempting to transform that space into something more useful. This is actually a very common form of home addition: transforming a garage into living space. The obvious downside of a garage conversion is that you lose the space for vehicles and storage, which can lower the resale value of the home. In some cases, it is smarter to spend the extra money to build a brand new addition to the existing structure. These are just a few ways to transform your home, but there are many others. A home addition can be a great way to meet changing or growing needs without moving into a new residence. If done right, it will raise the value of the home, and it will look great. Trust VCM Construction with all custom home additions in Las Olas and in the surrounding area. We are experts at custom real-estate development, so Call Us At 305-760-5018 Today!
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