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Choosing a South Florida Developer For Your Next Home

South Florida Developer Your custom luxury home is an investment that will require an experienced and high quality South Florida developer to complete. Choosing the right developer for your next home is a decision that will not be made lightly. As an affluent buyer, there are specific things you want and need before you can make an informed decision. At VCM Builders, we have a team that represents the top real estate developer in South Florida. Of course, we never say this without ample proof. Today we’ll look at ten steps you should follow before selecting the builder for your next home.  

10 Steps To Choose The Ideal Developer For Your Home

As you do your research and narrow down your choices for the ideal home developer, consider these ten steps which will help you understand and focus your expectations to find the ideal candidate for building your multi-million dollar luxury home. 1. Establish Your Needs Builders typically specialize in a specific type of home or in some cases a broad range of options. They may have limits on the size, price, or style as well. At VCM Builders our focus is solely on massive multi-million dollar estates that attract the world’s most affluent buyers. 2. Check Their Experience A smart decision is to look at the firm’s previous experience and the houses in their portfolio. Our portfolio at VCM Builders is filled with incredible contemporary estates and our firm boasts a combined total of over 50 years worth of experience in the industry. 3. What do Previous Customers Have to Say? Our reputation at VCM Builders precedes us. We are known for our incredible quality, dedication to detail, and exquisite results. Our previous customers have come back to us time and time again because of our results. We are known throughout South Florida as a top-tier developer because of our satisfied customers and proven results. 4. Is The Developer Licensed and Insured? Our shining reputation at VCM Builders represents our dedication to excellence and safety. As such, we always maintain a licensed and insured status that gives our buyers peace of mind in the event of an issue. We always take care not to work in harsh weather conditions and instead make up the lost time when the sun is shining. In South Florida, that is something that happens quite often. 5. Does the Firm’s Designs Match Your Own Tastes? Luxury is not defined by one simple style, but South Florida does have a unique beachside look that we’ve come to embody in everything we do. Our contemporary and modern styles are apparent throughout our portfolio. We partner with the finest interior designer and architect to help you bring your dream home to life. 6. Check the Warranty and Service Options A brand new luxury home comes with numerous benefits, one of which are the options for a warranty and service maintenance. Many of the options we offer at VCM Builders include respective warranties which allow you to settle into your new home. 7. How is the Resale Value? The sign of a quality custom home is the the way it retains its value. Our contemporary homes that we construct are fashioned with modern and future-proof aspects that allow them to hold their value for the future and beyond. We also take this into account when surveying and choosing land. Prime locations on the crystal beaches of South Florida hold their value like no other. 8. Involvement in the Community The sign of a good developer is one that maintains an involvement in their local community. Our dedication to South Florida arises from the fact that we are composed of natives to this great state. We have a passion and a drive that makes us want to succeed and watch our home grow into a luxury destination for affluent buyers around the world. 9. Take a Tour of a Model Home The best way to decide on a developer is to take a look at their previous work in person. To this end, we recently hosted a cocktail party where we allowed VIPs and local brokers to join us at one of our recently completed estates priced at $5 million. We’ve also uploaded the photos to our Facebook page. This represents our keen focus on showcasing everything we have to offer. We pride ourselves in the quality and unrelenting excellence that our homes represent. 10. Look for Quality Quality construction and solid building materials are both signs of a reputable builder. That’s why our team at VCM Builders is dedicated to sourcing the finest materials and the best talent. It is through this dedication that we’ve managed to build a shining reputation in South Florida. Consider these ten steps and you’ll find that VCM Builders is the top South Florida developer for you and your next protect.  
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