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Choose VCM as Your Commercial Builders in Fort Lauderdale

Commercial builders fort lauderdale Recently, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance partnered with Kaufman Rossin to perform an analysis of Broward county businesses, trends, and more. As part of this initiative, Fort Lauderdale was examined and showcased impressive trends that prove the growing opinion that this is becoming a beacon city for luxury living and commercial construction. As the premier commercial builders in Fort Lauderdale, VCM Builders has already been working tirelessly to bring new real estate and luxury homes to this beachside city that is brimming with culture and fueled by a booming economy. Today we’ll show you why this city and VCM Builders are the perfect commercial builder match.  

The Rising Trends in Ft. Lauderdale

In terms of Florida’s economy, Fort Lauderdale and greater Broward County contribute over one million workers to the force. The unemployment rate here is 5%, which is less than the 5.6% national average. Businesses are all reporting continued growth and over half expect to increase their staff numbers in the next year. These businesses affect not only South Florida’s economy, but also the greater United States and even the international markets. Over 76% of the businesses that participated in the survey reported that their business was healthier today than it was a year ago, continuing a three-year trend of growth. The responses around living and working in Fort Lauderdale were overwhelmingly positive:
  •      “This is one of the most attractive places to live and work in the country.”
  •      “Vibrant economy which continues to grow attraction of international businesses as well as national business opportunities.”
  •      “Innovative environment and receptive to entrepreneurs.”
Looking to the real estate market, other trends are surfacing that point to a successful growth trend in Fort Lauderdale. The market in Miami-Dade County is slowing down as a result of less foreign investment, but to the north Fort Lauderdale is growing. With more competitive prices, and a return of domestic buyers, the combination is bringing the downtown and beach areas plenty of new business and commercial real estate opportunities. VCM Builders is at the forefront of this market, seizing yet another opportunity to improve South Florida with our unique and unmatched quality. While we have been pursuing this trend for some time here at VCM Builders, other firms have begun to see these trends and have consequently been expanding northward towards this lucrative market. Where are these changes coming from? Well, in recent years the dollar has risen 17 percent over the euro, 28 percent against the Colombian peso, and 37 percent against the Russian ruble. This, combined with rising prices for condos units in Miami-Dade causes a drop in foreign investments.  

How VCM Builders is Poised to Capitalize on These Trends

For twenty years and counting, VCM Builders has been at the forefront of South Florida’s trends. Not only do we spot them, we set them as well. With over a half-million square feet of commercial property construction and design in our portfolio, we have garnered a reputation that knows no equal. The responsibility of bringing a commercial business to life through the design and construction of its property is one that we take on with pride and know-how. From banks, to shopping centers, to national retailers, there is no frontier we haven’t crossed and conquered. With the completion of each project, our teams are constantly lauded with praise for their unwavering commitment to quality and communication with our clients. This ensures that the finished product is of the highest standards and provides an ongoing value to our clients. All of this is made possible through the leadership of two South Florida locals: Alan S. Macken and Andrew K. Verzura. Alan brings to the table a robust experience with real estate in the form of his company: Macken Realty. Andrew brings construction experience and the know-how to ensure projects are managed properly, completed on time, and with budget. Collectively, our firm boasts 50 years of experience across all manner of projects and commercial construction. We humbly take part in the development and growth of the cities we are a part of. This is a reflection of our passion for South Florida and our desire to see it grow to the fullest potential it possibly can. The hands-on approach that we take has afforded us an understanding of the market that is unique to our firm. Our talent, ability to communicate, and reputation all speak to the quality of the projects that VCM Builders undertakes. When it comes to commercial builders in Fort Lauderdale, there is only who can make your project the best it can be: VCM Builders.
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