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The 3 Most Common But Unique Features Of Luxury Homes

Most homes are typical and follow a standard design: walls, a roof, floors, windows, etc. However, luxury homes throw a curve ball into the idea of what makes up a home. Elaborate design elements put luxury homes in a class all to themselves. Here are a few of the features that are rarely seen elsewhere but in luxury homes:

1. Pools and Fountains

Flowing water is known for its meditative and calming qualities. The rich and famous have, for decades, incorporated pools and fountains into their architectural design plans for mansions and luxury homes. Fountains embody a feeling of ancient art and sculpture and bring a sense of richness and creativity to homes they are a part of.

2. Columns and Pillars

Ancient architects understood how incorporating columns and pillars into architecture can add beauty and prestige to a space, and so do those who design luxury homes now. These tall symbols of status and strength can be found near entrances and parking areas of the most modern and luxurious of contemporary homes.

3. Gardens

Exquisite private gardens are a keystone of luxury homes. Imagine having your own garden filled with exotic flowers and featuring a custom-built, stone path leading you through each section of beautiful specimens. If you are building a luxury home you cannot forget to include plans for a relaxing garden. Contact VCM Construction Inc. at 305-760-5018 now to start planning your dream luxury home, and let VCM turn your dreams into a reality.
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